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The Universe

There have historically been many attempts to understand how the universe works.
There are achieved great achievements in technology and science, by observation, experiments and tests, but there are areas of the physics as can not be achieved with the type of methods.
You can see the problem, number of researchers has never been greater and all the pieces turned many times without success.

Radiation is still an imitation of the waves on the sea.
We know nothing about how the part that controls the absorption and emission works.
Radiation is part of atomic nucleus structure, but the core is still an unknown atomic cloud
We have knowledge of mass and energy, but we do not know where it comes from in the universe.
We do not know why the process of the joints works in a certain way
We has knowledge to conservation of the energy, but we do not know why and how the system works.
You can try youself  to find some points, eg. The speed of light.

As you can see there are some big holes in physics that can not be explained by the general observation, experimental and control test method.
You know that everything we see and ascertain in the universe does not come out of nowhere, there is a system behind.
If you put a little seed in the ground, a huge tree grows up. This tells us that the universe works as an evolving system.
To handle this type of problem it is necessary to find out how the universe works.

You can even try if you can make a model of the universe:
In order to reduce the risk of pulling a rivet, the model should have the following properties:
The cosmic model should be as simple as possible and consist of cosmological known fundamental elements.
The model must consist of at least two basic elements to create a mathematical function if there are more than two elements will it cause a number of problems related to the integration with the existing physics, both at the mathematical and physical side.

The model I use myself:
If you look up at the sky you will see a universe which is large and very cold. Many believe that the universe volume and temperature is a unified size, nobody can prove, there might as well be other solution opportunities between the two sizes.
No matter which opinion one has about this, it fits perfectly into what I need to create a function in the universe and develop micro physics.

No matter what model of the universe one wants to use, it is not possible because of the infinite spread of the universe to prove directly that a particular model is the right one.
I have chosen a model where I from a starting point build an evolving skeleton, and thereafter downloads control elements from the commonly recognized classical physics with the belonging formulas.

If we look at the universe's volume, we note that it can not be moved. For example. If you move a coffee cup from a to b, you can note that you have not moved the volume but the energy in the volume.
This does not mean that the volume has no meaning. I use among other volume as volume parameter for calculating the size of the mass.

It is in the temperature part we have to find our start functions. In the existing physics is it only Kelvin that has something that can be used. Kelvin's work is that he uses the Brownian motion in molecular compounds and follows them with the temperature drop, for they eventually ceases and thus lays down the absolute zero of motion in molecules.
What we can deduce here is that both the temperature and the speed drops to zero, it means that we have a parameter which occur in two different ways. It is yet unknown how the conversion relationship between the two is.I use speed parameter, partly because it fits into the general well-known formulas.
Kelvin show the way to zero point, but for the sake of conservation of energy zero can not stand alone, but continues below zero with minus numbers, e.g. the freezing point water is zero degrees Celsius but the scale continues below zero.
Some believe that a temperature below zero kelvin has no meaning.
If the temperature can not go below zero, the requirement for the conservation of energy in the universe is not maintained and the universe has no function.


We have two paremetres forming the universe start function and they are two variables, both operating in the metric system.The universe have more features that can not be proved by observation or with any known methods, but they are seen in the micro world of physics.

The basis of micro physics:
1. The universe has a rest-point, which forms the universe starting point. I use the most logical point, zero Kelvin which is equal to zero meters per second.
2. The temperature can slide back and forth over the rest-point, so that the universe's total energy is always constant.
3. In order to achieve a change in the temperature to the speed of light c, have I used a classic big bang.
4. The universe provides an increasing resistance to displacement from the rest-point and are measured in meters per second. A speed reflects the decrease-speed back to the rest-point.

Examples of how the system works:
You can start by downloading the link classical big bang and mass formation
We can confirm that a particle's rest mass is calculated from the speed c, but the particle has no speed. The reason is that the particles vector points towards the center and is locked. So the particle has a voltage of zero point but no speed, the contrast is the kinetic mass (mass is energy) where in the vector points in the opposite direction.
The kinetic mass uses the volome of the rest mass, and kinetic mass are two parts in the same system. The combined composition is not simple. So I have a more detailed explanation in another section.

We may look a little on radiation områet link can be found here.
What you see is pure micro physics. The area is interesting because I want to know how the combined vector structure in micro physics works in this known physical system.
You should be aware that there is a correlation between the mass of particles, kinetic energy and radiation, but there is only the universe development machine to manage it all.
We are in the universe's smallest and simplest functional parts as can be overviewed without a computer.

A particle is more than just mass, but a functional part of the universe. Here is an example that a particle can absorb, transform emitter radiation in a completely different wavelength. The system attempts to equalize with the universe zero point, but the particle has a locked energy quantity, as throws radiation out again, but first after it has undergone a process within the particle

Try to imagine how small a particle is and it all takes take place constantly with the speed of light in all molecular structures, incidentally, is radiation also a two parameter system and has the same properties as a particle just with the speed of light (a high-speed particle).

You now have a small instruction about that wath happens in the universe do not come out of nowhere and that the universe is an evolving physical system. You've also got an instruction about that micro physics is a physical and mathematical model simulation of the universe processes.

The microphysics also gives  the opportunity to see greater contexts in different physical structures. Mathematics comes afterward, so if you do not accept micro physics, the radiation area will indefinitely continue in darkness. Radiation is also a functional part in the atomic nucleus structure, so this area will also be blacked out.

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Micro physics


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