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The Universe

I do not think there is anyone who can imagine a universe which in its basic function is very complicated

If you go outside and look up at the sky,
you will see a universe that is infinitely large (volume) and which is very cold -273.15 degrees Celsius = 0 degrees Kelvin. You will also see that the universe has created a local mass (Big Bang mass) of which you are a part.
Other is not.
What we would like to know is how this incident took place.

Although the universe is basically simple, it is not easy to uncover the starting system of the development system because there is not much visible data about the basic structure of the universe. There are therefore many complex parts that need to be examined and checked in other physical systems before a final decision can be made, both on the physical and mathematical side

The interface of masses.
There are some people who have a problem understanding that the universe has no end and is an infinite void without any boundaries.

A system must have a beginning point in order for it to have an end point.

You are surrounded by mass, I show here an example of an amount of energy bounded by a volume.


You will always find that mass has a beginning and an end point, so it is not strange that you consider it normal.

Mass is a product the universe has created in its development system. Universe is a different world to the one you normally experience.

Model justification for mass.
When I can work on the structure of the universe, it is because some physicists and scientists before me have made some measurements, studies and records of various processes that refer to conditions in the universe.

Example Newton's 1 law (Law of inertia):
A body that is not affected by a force, or by forces that cancel each other's effect, will either be at rest or make a smooth rectilinear motion.
There is no explanation for why this law works in the universe.

Based on the problem position I am working with, I collect information and process and insert them into a whole system.

In this case; the universe has created a local mass that we call the Big Bang, which cannot be explained solely by the volume of the universe, which lacks something to make it all fit together.
You may want to watch my section on the Big Bang.

I have used Brown's and Kelvin's observation results
and I can see that the radiation pressure on particles is decreasing with decreasing temperature.
You may want to watch my section on molebindings and mass attraction.

I can see that all mass activity decreases as the temperature drops and we have the reason for the missing parameter in the universe's mass creation (speed).

In parallel, I have also developed the mathematical model, in order to check, among other things, the overall physical and mathematical development context.

The universe is a self-developing and self-adjusting system.
Once the starting point is formed, the rest is about the combined composite development process.
The simplest parts come first, it's speed, mass, radiation, magnetic properties, atomic nucleus and molecular bonds.

The volume of the universe cannot be moved. It is about what the volume of the universe contains.

I should point out that Kelvin shows the way to the absolute 0 point (0 K), but he gives no explanation of what the 0 point is for a size and why it exists.

We only have what Kelvin calls the temperature that can be moved.

We therefore get to:
............................(the Big Bang mass of the universe) is = (the temperature part of the universe)

The 1st law of thermodynamics says that the inner energy of an isolated system is constant.
This also applies to the whole universe.

To create mass in the universe
, the temperature section must be displaceable in such a way that the total energy of the universe is constant.

As shown here:

Instead of using the temperature as the measuring unit, it is better to use speed, the two types have the same function. Speed is used as a part of the common classic mathematical system for determining the energy of a mass.

Speed is measured in the meter system as the distance between a and b in one second. The speed of light is also measured as the distance between a and b in one second and is the maximum speed (speed is = the span between 0 point and c2).

To determine the size of a mass, we must use speed max. as in the resting mass  c2.

The span between the resting mass and the resting point of the universe is  c2 and due to action and reaction, the rate of fall is at the resting point of the universe c and is straight.
For more details, see my section on the Big Bang.

The mathematical system

as I use, the velocity of mass is a point and the amount is the volume of the universe. Both work in the meter system.
For more details, see my section on the mass formation.

Energy, measured in mass, is:
............................m = V * c2.

You can also measure mass energy in joules:
............................E = m * c2

As check points:
I use the Kelvin system, light speed and energy conservation and more.
The universe gives in small incidents, a glimpse of what it does, there are thousands of them. They are good at assessing the process of the universe.

You can see more about the physical and mathematical details in my other sections.

I have some concluding remarks on this section

The structure of the universe

The result comes here and must be considered as finally clarified.

The universe is an infinitely large void that does not contain anything, but it also has a displaceable part that is attached to the volume of the universe.

When the sliding part is in balance in resting point, there is nothing here either.

The universe is in its starting point an infinite void that contains nothing.The universe has difficulty standing on its balance and resting point and moving slightly back and forth over the point.

The universe also offers increasing resistance to the displacement, where it attempts to retract itIt is the resistance that forms the basis of mass and speed, which you will also see in my formulas.

One can say about the universe as a whole; On the one hand there is nothing and yet there is something.


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