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Welcome to my homepage, developing the classic main physics
  Mass attraction.

There are many models of how the universe is constructed and works.The model I use, you can read about in my section of the universe and classic big bang.
As you probably know, the universe has an infinite spread and it is very cold.I therefore use a two parameter system.
An unusual incident has occurred in the universe (only one) which has led to the formation of mass locally in the universe, which I call a classic big bang.
Mass is a displacement between the universe's volume and temperature from the universe's resting point.
The displacement is measured as a temperature or speed, I use speed.

Mass attraction is the mass.

In my section on mass formation you can download the formulas that you need to make your own calculations with mass.

There are two types of calculation of mass attraction.

1) Calculations where the mass of the universe is calculated directly, it is particle and atomic physics.
It is the formulas E = m x c2

2) calculations where the mass of the universe is not calculated directly, it is in connection with chemistry and molecular physics.
It is Newton's gravitational formulas. I however uses a different formula type that fits better in the universe standard formal systems.

There are several things about mass and mass attraction as I return to when I get time.
There are a few interesting things to look at here
Atomic nucleus volume, the formulas can be found here can be found here

The Universe.

Classic big bang.

Mass formation.

Atom structure.

Atom binding.

Molecular binding.

Particle radiation

Magnetic fields.

Mass attraction.


Micro physics


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