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Micro physics

Micro Physics is here understood as the smallest part the universe works on.

If you look up at the sky, you see a universe which is very large and cold. In the world of physics it is meant as relations between universe volume and its temperature.

What you also see is the sun, moon, stars, galaxies and more, which should bring to your attention that the universe is a process evolving system.
You also should be aware of, that the universe can not create all this without there is a process behind.

I have studied the problem. The universe volume and temperature is not locked completely together (the temperature can move in volume) but also has a rest point in the volume. Kelvin is for the time being the only one who has made a direct bid on zero point.

I will not go into in very specific details of this here, you just need to know what micro physics is for a size. All the sections I have presented is about micro physics. If you do not have put yourself into this here then is understanding the basis not present (if you do not know letters you can not read).

The temperature can move in the universe volume and has a rest point.

In the universal system, there is only an staggered size.

Temperature and speed is the same.

The universe provides an increasing resistance to displacement from rest point and marked as velocity vectors.

All physical systems refers to the universe rest point, so it is important that rest point is clarified in such a way that it can be used in mathematical systems.
Volume in the universe has an infinite number of points, there each is universe's mathematical rest point.

Micro Physics is a two parameter system, which you might know from the ordinary classical physics.
Both the universe volume and temperature parameter is used to determine the amount of energy, which is measured in the mass m:
the formula mx = Vx * v2  <=>  E = mx * c2

Micro Physics consists of many composite velocity vectors, it is therefore necessary, to control the vector sum is zero compared to the universe rest point (there must not arise loss of energy in the universe, only a state change).

The purpose of all this is to create a physical and mathematical system basis which can be used for simulations of the universe functions.
I make the preliminaries system design, the rest are computer simulated models.

The Universe.

Classic big bang.

Mass formation.

Atom structure.

Atom binding.

Molecular binding.

Particle radiation

Magnetic fields.

Mass attraction.


Micro physics



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