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Classic Big Bang

If you look up to the sky you will see a universe that has an infinite spread and is very cold. You will also see that the universe has created a local mass in the universe that you are part of.
The task is to find out how it has been done.

If you have not put yourself into the system I use, then the understanding basic for this section is not present.
You may read the following link and make sure you understand the content.
The universe , mass formation , particle radiation and micro physics

I use a two parameter system with a sliding of the temperature in the universe's volume.

We have a sliding of the temperature above the universe's resting point fig.b34.
It is not possible to say anything about how much the temperature sliding is above the resting point, one-thousandth or less is acceptable, the time the processes pass over can also be very large.

The temperature is a sliding size above 0 point.


It means something that we have an understanding of how this part of the universe works and forms the basis of a classic big bang.

This model of the universe is the only solution I have seen to date that can explain where the energy of the universe we know today comes from and which can maintain the requirement for the energy`s conservation.

You can try yourself if you can find another solution that meets the basic requirements.

The sliding of the temperature in the universe is not enough for us to achieve a temperature velocity of c, so we need an event that can raise the temperature.
I'm using a clash between two part areas.


Also look at this small animation


The sliding we have over the universe rest point , in comparison with the size of the universe, allows two part areas to collide, we here get a reason for raising the temperature (speed) so that we can reach the speed of light c.

You can see yourself if you can find a better solution

In the structure of the resting mass, the velocity vector points towards the center. I would assume that the action vector associated with the particle formation in big bang will remain in the particle.
Because the vector points to the center, the universe is in relation to the norm on its head. This means that the universe's mass has a defined volume in the normal volume of the universe.

In my section on mass formation, there is a sub area that deals with what mass is physical and mathematical, read this section.


The universe can only create a particle (a basic particle), that is not quite large and which is not stable in the resting state.
The basic particle forms the basis for the construction of two particles, an electron and a proton that are stable in the resting state.
The mathematical stabilization relationship between these particles has not yet been established. You can see more in my section on Mass Creation.

The Universe.

Classic big bang.

Mass formation.

Atom structure.

Atom binding.

Molecular binding.

Particle radiation

Magnetic fields.

Mass attraction.


Micro physics


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