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Classic Big Bang

This section is a continuation of the Universe.

To find a lot of energy,
the missing parameter (rectilinear velocity) must be found in the basic structure of the Universe.

When we look closer at it
then only Brown's and Kelvin's observations point to anything fundamental in the structure of the Universe.

Brown and Kelvin show the way
to the absolute 0 point (0 K), but gives no explanation of what the 0 point is for a size and why it exists.

The universe does nothing without it being of any significance and we lack a velocity parameter for our energy calculation of mass.

Apart from brown, Kelvin's observations, there is no other known information about the Universe's 0 point, nor is anything likely to emerge from observing the universe.

It is therefore necessary to create the remaining part
of the Universe's 0 point function in the Universe as a technical composition.

Kelvin has chosen the temperature system (kelvin scale K.). Temperatures are a widely used and simple way to determine the thermal state of a molecule.
Temperatures are not one of the basic parameters of the Universe, they are velocity.

You cannot consume energy,
but only move the energy from one state to another if you have some energy that can be pushed into the process, in this case it is the balance point of the Universe ..

The universe apparently has a resting point at 0 K. as shown here:
The universe has difficulty keeping its balance at its 0 point, the displacement creates an energy amount in the universe's volume as shown here (b34).

The universe it self creates the staggered energy that it uses to create its own mass
but the energy is on loan and the Universe will sooner or later take it back again.
The 1st law of thermodynamics says that the inner energy of an isolated system is constant, this also applies to the whole universe.

The universe is trying to slow the displacement,

above the zero point to maintain balance, it does so by increasing the resistance, that is, the resistance increases with the magnitude of the displacement.
I show a clash between two areas.........
The span forms a velocity of 0 point and an energy quantity is formed in the displaced volume:

................................. mKinetic  = V * v2

The slippage we have in the universe is not enough
so we can get a speed of  c2.
We therefore need an event that can raise the temperature.

Here I show a clash between two areas.


Also look at this small animation


The displacement we have above the resting point of the universe, compared to the size of the universe, makes it possible that two parts of areas collide, we are given here a reason for increasing the velocity so that we can reach c2.

We have that the total classic Big Bang consists of two parts:
a technical determination of the zero point of the universe and a classic incident of the Big Bang.
The universe itself creates its mass.

A particle process is created which you can see the order of in my section on mass formation.

The Universe.

Classic big bang.

Mass formation.

Atom structure.

Atom binding.

Molecular binding.

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Magnetic fields.

Mass attraction.


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