Particle Structure
You should be aware that a particle is much more than mass but is a functional part of the universe.

The micro physics I use is about bringing together the universe's smallest functional parts to a total physical and mathematical functioning unit.
In order to use the universe rest point in a mathematical formula, it is necessary to have a definition.

Any volume in the universe is assigned an infinite number of points, each being the universe rest point.
All physical functions in the universe refers to and from this point.
The universe gives an increasing resistance to the temperature displacement from the rest point and is defined as a speed back to the rest point.

All forms of mass and particles refers to the suspence dropp to zero point.
The volume as the temperatures speed is limited by, do not have any solid form, but varies in relation to the composition of which forces acting in the volume

If a particle is inactive it will have the shape of a ball and the velocity vectors are pointing towards the center.
If a particle is influenced by a force, it will not have the form of a ball.
When a particle is moving in the universal space it corresponds to an alinear temperature and velocity fall towards zero point.
A particle in moving react differently with the surroundings depending on whether it is longitudinal axis or transverse axis. Therefore, you can observe that a particle behaves like a wave .look here

Mass attraction
It is of importance in connection with the particle physics that could calculate the mass attraction between the individual particles and is also a part of the universe micro physics.

The vector of the rest mass is pointing towards the center, but I can not find any justification in the universe function of that the vector should turn and point to center. Big bang has is a clash between two sub-areas, there are indications that action vector in big bang remains in they created particles. Universe normal function is inversely in mass. If this extraordinary event not had occurred whole thing would be gone in itself again and there had been no mass.

Mass periphery represent the limit of velocity c drop, after this the effect wears off. If you know the mass of the particle, it is possible to calculate the force with which the particle will impact other particles.